Are you addicted to teeth-whitening? It is essential to realize that over-bleaching your teeth could harm your health. Experts say that an obsession with teeth-whitening, referred to as bleachorexia, can be harmful in several ways.

Let’s explore some of the dangers of this condition.

Tooth Sensitivity

It is normal to experience pain occasionally when you consume something cold or hot. However, tooth sensitivity can become more severe due to over-bleaching. Namely, repeated bleaching makes the tooth enamel weak, causing your teeth to be more sensitive to temperature extremes.

Gum Irritation

Like your teeth, your gums can also become sensitive as a result of excessive whitening. You can experience gum irritation and inflammation, which may result in your gums shrinking and exposing your roots – a condition known as gum recession.

Gum recession can be even more severe if you’re suffering from any additional dental issue, like periodontitis or cavities. And restoring receded gums is not an easy task, as you may need a tissue graft procedure to ease the sensitivity.

Darkening of The Teeth

Excessive teeth whitening can deliver the opposite results from what you are striving for. Your teeth may eventually become translucent, which means you may end up with darker teeth.

Permanent Enamel Erosion

Some teeth whitening products are not safe, and they can cause irreversible damage. For example, excessive usage of these particular products can literally make your teeth smaller due to dental erosion. And when your teeth are eroded, they become more susceptible to cavities.

The safest option for brightening your smile is to engage the services of a qualified dental professional. You won’t have to worry about the detrimental effects of bleachorexia if you go to a qualified dentist for teeth whitening. The dentist may use in-office teeth whitening or suggest at-home bleaching options.

With at-home bleaching, your dentist will give you a whitening kit to use at home. Furthermore, your dentist can also advise you on how to use over-the-counter bleaching products properly. You can also whiten your teeth naturally by eating vegetables and fruits rich in malic acid. This acid serves as a natural stain remover by stimulating saliva production and virtually scrubbing your teeth clean.