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Complete and Partial Dentures

The team at DiMeo Family Dental is always pleased to give you a whole new look with complete and partial dentures. If you are missing a significant portion of your natural teeth due to one reason or another, you may be an ideal candidate for complete dentures. In case only a few of them are absent, partial dentures will improve your overall appearance as well as the functionality of your dental framework.

Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth as well as surrounding cells or tissue. The two main types are complete and partial. For complete dentures, our office dentist may recommend immediate or conventional dentures depending on your needs. Immediate dentures are made prior to your visit. They can be positioned into place as soon as you check into our office. This means you do not have to move around without teeth during the healing process. However, since the gum has a tendency to shrink as it heals, there is a need to have regular adjustments that may require frequent visits to our office.

Conventional dentures, on the other hand, are made after teeth have been detached from the gum, and tissues around the position or gap are healed. Conventional dentures are bonded after about 8-12 weeks from the time teeth were removed.

Partial dentures are detachable temporary teeth that are fixed to take the position of a few missing teeth. They are more ordinary and are bonded to a gum-colored or pink plastic base that is sometimes fastened to a metal structure that keeps the denture into position while in the mouth. A fixed bridge is used to replace a single or several teeth on each side of a space using crowns that are later used to bond the artificial teeth onto the gum.

Why Are Dentures Necessary?

You can use dentures for several reasons. If you are missing all your natural teeth as a result of advancing age or illness, eating and talking may not be the simplest things to do. By using dentures, you will regain the functions of your teeth, although technically they are missing. When you are missing some teeth, the likelihood of your face obtaining a different yet not too pleasant shape is high. After all, one of the functions of teeth is to give your face a good shape. Fixing dentures ensures your face does not collapse inwards around the mouth due to lack of support.

The Process of Fixing Dentures

When you visit our office dentist for the first time, an impression of both the jaws will be taken. Measurements to determine existing space will be taken too. Next, models for the denture will be created in the exact position and shape of teeth. To determine if it really fits, it will be tried on while assessing the shape, color, and fit. From there, the denture is made.

As soon as the model has been made from the lab, you will come back for it to be fitted. With dentures, you might make more visits to our office as you will need regular adjustments and checks to ensure everything works fine for you.

For more information on the subject of complete and partial dentures, get into contact with us. You can contact us, DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 now.
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The professional friendly team at DiMeo Family Dental is always pleased to give you a whole new look with complete and partial dentures.
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