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Importance of Fluoride Treatment
Hobe Sound, FL

Little girl with big smile in dental chair from DiMeo Family Dental in Hobe Sound, FloridaThe best way to protect your child’s teeth and gums as a part of kids dentistry is to establish a healthy brushing and flossing routine, combined with regular checkups and professional cleaning appointments at our DiMeo Family Dental office. We specialize in family dentistry, and an important part of that is pediatric dentistry. Another step to protecting your child’s oral health includes fluoride treatments.

Understanding Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in a number of sources. It can be found in our water, in fish, in eggs and more. Fluoride has the ability to help to prevent cavities in teeth. It can also accelerate the healing process that is known as remineralization. This is the process that rebuilds the enamel on teeth and helps to strengthen it.

Understanding Fluoride Treatments

Our teeth can absorb the fluoride from the water that we drink and the foods that we eat. An additional method of absorbing fluoride is with an in-office treatment offered by our dentist. Fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes are another way to get this mineral into your body.

Fluoride can do a lot to help reduce the potential for developing cavities. When it is combined with a molar sealant, it can offer the protection that your child’s teeth need.

The Symptoms of Fluoride Deficiency

If a child has decay in one or more teeth, it is possible that they have a fluoride deficiency. There are bacteria naturally occurring in the mouth. These bacteria produce acids that can lead to serious damage to the tooth enamel. Daily brushing can remove a significant level of bacteria-containing plaque. However, if teeth have been weakened due to a fluoride deficiency it can result in rapid damage to the teeth.

The Fluoride Treatment Process

Getting a fluoride treatment will generally be just a few short minutes. The fluoride may be applied with a swab or a brush, while some treatments could be applied to the teeth with a tray that is held against the teeth for a few short minutes.

It is recommended that patients do not eat or drink anything, for at least 30 minutes after their treatment. This will allow the teeth to absorb the fluoride that was applied.

How Often Should Your Child Get A Fluoride Treatment?

It is recommended by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that children get a fluoride treatment every three to six months. This can vary per child and be based upon the individual risk factors each child has for developing cavities.

Will Fluoride Treatments Be Safe?

When a fluoride treatment is offered by our pediatric dentist, it is considered to be exceptionally safe. If you have concerns about the amount of fluoride that your child is receiving be sure to discuss it with our dentist during your child’s appointment.

Top Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride has long been known to be able to repair weakened tooth enamel. The fluoride replenishes calcium and phosphate levels, each of which is known for its ability to help promote decay resistance. This is important for children and their teeth that may not always be brushed effectively.

Patients who have an increased risk for the development of cavities, which could include weakened enamel or dry mouth, will see benefits from fluoride treatments.

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Importance of Fluoride Treatment | DiMeo Family Dental
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